Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My Favorites!

Hey Guys! Its Beth here!(Lena's post is below)
Anyway, today we thought we would share our favorite outfits for summer with you!
Okay, so first, I've been loving wearing different types of lace/loose tops (the one in the picture is from New Look, for 17 pounds) I have been loving wearing these because they are just so loose, baggy, and comfy, yet they also look so cute!
If its warm where you live, i recommend wearing shorts with the top as it would look super cute, but because i live in England its super cold, so i paired it with these High Waisted jeans from New look again, which were 23 Pounds. High Waisted Jeans are alot more flattering, and i just like them alot!
For shoes, either any Type of sneakers, or some flats would look absolutely gorgeous with this look! These Slip on Shoes once again from New Look are 18 Pounds, and trust me, they are super duper comfy! I could stay in these shoes all day, everyday! They also look really nice and classy:)
Aswell as Lena, i really love bows at the moment, and i also love styling my hair like Ariana Grade's in her new music video 'The Way' I think it looks adorable!
If its cold where you live, i recommend wearing a little Cardigan of some sort so you don't freeze!
Also for Jewelery, a simple necklace, and a few bracelets would tie this look together!
Thank you for reading!
Whats you favorite summer outfit?

Monday, 29 April 2013

My Favs ♥

Hey guys! (I don't want to use so many smileys anymore because as I was reading my first blog it seems very annoyingly. ...)
April is already over and I haven't blogged for a while so I think it's time for my second post.
I'm addicted to preppy, cute styles with bows, skirts and collars....So the most important things in my wardrobe are my blouses.  You can wear them for any occasion,  some are classic, some noble, sporty or girly....But the most important reason why I'm wearing them most of the time is because they're so comfortable, with a light, soft and loose feeling on your skin.

My favourite blouse is the light blue one by Ernsting's Family. I really love the pink details on the collar (and if something shows my two fav colours then it's simply amazing). I'm usually wearing this with my favourite pair of jeans by H&M for a really casual look. On cold winter or autumn days I put an oversized pullover (H&M) over my blouse.I love to wear my tube scarf (C&A) for this look because of the pastel colour that fits with my pullover. (I got the bag from a trip to Hastings the week before easter)
Another way is to wear a blouse as a jacket or a cardigan.  My favourite basic top that I'm wearing underneath is a light pink top by Takko. ( I'd bought another one in mint green too) And the highlight is my new pearly pink charm by Bijou Brigitte.

May will be a very busy month for me and I'll try to blog as much as I can.
That's just the beginning of mine and Beth's blog and I'm collecting ideas all the time now.
What about a ' Soundtrack Sunday'?
That  means both of us post the best song of the week or introduce new bands and artists every Sunday. .....

ok, that's all. ...I hope it isn't that much bad :P

Beth's post will be out soon! 

-Lena ♥

Friday, 19 April 2013

The German part :)

HELLOOOOOOO :D I'm the German one of this blog and here are 50 facts about me!  (:
(please don't judge me for my english....I'm still learning and I hope it will be better with every new post )

1.My birthday is the 7th of February

2.I was born in Berlin

3.I did judo for 3 weeks and then I got ill. ....

4.the table tennis club was one of my best times at primary school :) (in Germany we say           "Grundschule"....idk if primary school is the right word for that ...)

5.I take piano lessons and do karate

6.when I'm getting bored I write lyrics of my favourite songs all over a piece of paper so there's no space left

7.I'd never met a person with a shorter name than mine

8. I'm very weak and sensitive. ....even if the weather changes I feel sick :(

9.I sleep better with noise outside ( I think that's cause I'm from a very very small village.silence makes me crazy! )

10 . I'm addicted to One Direction :D ♥ especially Harry's voice makes me getting goose bumps and sends me shivers down my spine ..... (omg this sounds so weird. ...uhm....)

11.I'm very ambitious. I always get good grades at school and even getting mark 2 made me sad in primary school. .... (now it's easier for me. .)

12.I LOVE THE UK!♥ that's my life goal: I WANT TO LIVE THERE.

13.I sing all the time and almost everywhere.

14. I've got very scary and elastic fingers and a VERY long tongue ..... (that's  creepy. ...)

15.I really enjoy long road trips with headphones in my ears or the radio on

16.I get stage fright in front of many people

17.as a one or two years old child I'd getting so angry (I didn't want to take a bath) that I'd taken all of the frying pans from the kitchen to the living room and slipped across the floor on my diapers.

18.I was so shy that I was afraid of buying an ice cream. ........by myself :$....

19.walking on a hot road after a summer rain is one of the most amazing things for me

20.I love the smell of nivea baby cream :)

21.I love songs by the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and Elton John

22. height: 5.9

23.the tallest in my class: 6.3  my smallest classmate: 5.11

24.shopping shoes frustates me cause I've got bad feet.... (idk how to explain that. ...they're wrong formed. .....)

25.I'd had a cat named cat.

26. I'm at a bilingual school. ( german/ polish)

27.I visited London and Paris

28.I don't want to drink alcohol

29. I collect the beads of pen patrons

30.one day I want to vlog on YouTube (:  (same as Beth)

31.I love Disney films especially Lady and Trump , The Lion King and Cinderella

32.my favourite youtubers are alfie deyes, tyler oakley and caspar Lee

33.my favourite female youtubers are zoe and luoise and bethany mota

34.I love the harry potter books and films

35.Sometimes I'm a bookworm

36. I'm still watching spongebob (;

37.I like star wars and football :P

38.I'm afraid of spiders and jelly fish

39.I can't watch horror films. ...cause then I'm easily getting nightmares

40.I hate cheese and mushrooms

41.my first time at starbucks I drank too much so got sick

42.favourite shop's: h&m, zara, pimkie and topshop

43.I really enjoy trips to ikea :P

44.nail polish lasts for one day on my fingers

45.my hair is too soft.....my grandma says it's cobweb

46.my favourite English words in primary school were : cheeky,  belly button, apple pie

47.my eyes are green/grey with a brown rim around my pupil (so it seems like my eyes are completely brown...)

48.in my village live 200 people, I'm the only one on
my age there and we've got no church and no shops( yep that sucks...)

49.bavarian dialect makes me angry

50.I hate working in the garden and cooking

So i though the 50 things about me blog post would be a good way to start of! so here i go ! (The picture is of my as a child.)

1) My favorite colour is Green.
2) Brown is my least favorite colour.
3) My favorite food is Doughnuts, especially the Homer Simpson type, haha.
4) I have a 17 year old sister.
5) One of the 4 fishes i own is called Voldy-Fish because i was addicted to Harry Potter when i got him 4 years ago.
6) America is my most favorite Country so i will be visiting in the Summer.
7) I used to have Blonde hair and now it is Brown with a tint of Red.
8) My fashion sense is honestly a bit of everything...
9) I don't like the smell of flowers.
10) My favorite chocolate brand is Lindor.
11) My shoe size is a 5.
12) I Dance.
13) i used to Swim.
14) I tend to buy stuff i don't really like when i'm out shopping.
15) I am 5'6 in height.
16) I love the smell of Vanilla.
17) I'm super clumsy.
18) I have very pale blue eyes with a dark blue rim.
19) I really don't suit Lipstick.
20) My favorite shops are Topshop and New Look.
21) I dislike walking.
22) My favorite Yankee Candle scent is still Christmas Cookie..
23) I love baking.
24) For some reason i love airports... wow i must really dislike England. Haha...
25) I'm always loosing hair bobbles and bobby pins.
26) Hypnotic Poison Perfume by Dior is my favorite.
27) I own a Crystal that has my face laserd into it...
28) I adore theme parks, especially Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.
29) I can't remember whether i said i'm British or not, oops.
30) I love YouTuber's and bloggers like Zoella and Sprinkleofglitter.
31) My birthday is on the 15th of July, which i think is the exact middle of summer.
32) I have broken my collarbone twice...
33) I almost broke my nose 3 years ago by jumping for some monkey bars, missing and slamming my nose on the floor, yeah i'm very clumsy.
34) I have quite pale skin.
35) I always forget to put Jewelery on in the morning.
36) My bedroom is New York themed.
37) I also really like the colour Orange.
38) I own 2 Harry Potter wands, because when i bought them i thought i would look cool, but i didn't.
39) I love making new friends.
40) I'm always in a happy mood.
41) I like to plan things ahead more than going with the flow.
42) I find it so hard to revise, i get distracted so easily...
43) I own tonnes of Jumpers.
44) i love Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson.
45) I love McDonalds' Chicken Nuggets.
46) I always have to have socks on, no matter what.
47) I wish to start a youtube one day.
48) I love drawing/art.
49) I love wearing sneakers.
50) Last one!!! At the Paradise tour (Cody Simpsons tour) he told me he loves me, and i caught it on video:) yay!

I hope you all enjoyed reading.

-Beth :-)