Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My Favorites!

Hey Guys! Its Beth here!(Lena's post is below)
Anyway, today we thought we would share our favorite outfits for summer with you!
Okay, so first, I've been loving wearing different types of lace/loose tops (the one in the picture is from New Look, for 17 pounds) I have been loving wearing these because they are just so loose, baggy, and comfy, yet they also look so cute!
If its warm where you live, i recommend wearing shorts with the top as it would look super cute, but because i live in England its super cold, so i paired it with these High Waisted jeans from New look again, which were 23 Pounds. High Waisted Jeans are alot more flattering, and i just like them alot!
For shoes, either any Type of sneakers, or some flats would look absolutely gorgeous with this look! These Slip on Shoes once again from New Look are 18 Pounds, and trust me, they are super duper comfy! I could stay in these shoes all day, everyday! They also look really nice and classy:)
Aswell as Lena, i really love bows at the moment, and i also love styling my hair like Ariana Grade's in her new music video 'The Way' I think it looks adorable!
If its cold where you live, i recommend wearing a little Cardigan of some sort so you don't freeze!
Also for Jewelery, a simple necklace, and a few bracelets would tie this look together!
Thank you for reading!
Whats you favorite summer outfit?

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