Monday, 29 April 2013

My Favs ♥

Hey guys! (I don't want to use so many smileys anymore because as I was reading my first blog it seems very annoyingly. ...)
April is already over and I haven't blogged for a while so I think it's time for my second post.
I'm addicted to preppy, cute styles with bows, skirts and collars....So the most important things in my wardrobe are my blouses.  You can wear them for any occasion,  some are classic, some noble, sporty or girly....But the most important reason why I'm wearing them most of the time is because they're so comfortable, with a light, soft and loose feeling on your skin.

My favourite blouse is the light blue one by Ernsting's Family. I really love the pink details on the collar (and if something shows my two fav colours then it's simply amazing). I'm usually wearing this with my favourite pair of jeans by H&M for a really casual look. On cold winter or autumn days I put an oversized pullover (H&M) over my blouse.I love to wear my tube scarf (C&A) for this look because of the pastel colour that fits with my pullover. (I got the bag from a trip to Hastings the week before easter)
Another way is to wear a blouse as a jacket or a cardigan.  My favourite basic top that I'm wearing underneath is a light pink top by Takko. ( I'd bought another one in mint green too) And the highlight is my new pearly pink charm by Bijou Brigitte.

May will be a very busy month for me and I'll try to blog as much as I can.
That's just the beginning of mine and Beth's blog and I'm collecting ideas all the time now.
What about a ' Soundtrack Sunday'?
That  means both of us post the best song of the week or introduce new bands and artists every Sunday. .....

ok, that's all. ...I hope it isn't that much bad :P

Beth's post will be out soon! 

-Lena ♥

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