Friday, 19 April 2013

So i though the 50 things about me blog post would be a good way to start of! so here i go ! (The picture is of my as a child.)

1) My favorite colour is Green.
2) Brown is my least favorite colour.
3) My favorite food is Doughnuts, especially the Homer Simpson type, haha.
4) I have a 17 year old sister.
5) One of the 4 fishes i own is called Voldy-Fish because i was addicted to Harry Potter when i got him 4 years ago.
6) America is my most favorite Country so i will be visiting in the Summer.
7) I used to have Blonde hair and now it is Brown with a tint of Red.
8) My fashion sense is honestly a bit of everything...
9) I don't like the smell of flowers.
10) My favorite chocolate brand is Lindor.
11) My shoe size is a 5.
12) I Dance.
13) i used to Swim.
14) I tend to buy stuff i don't really like when i'm out shopping.
15) I am 5'6 in height.
16) I love the smell of Vanilla.
17) I'm super clumsy.
18) I have very pale blue eyes with a dark blue rim.
19) I really don't suit Lipstick.
20) My favorite shops are Topshop and New Look.
21) I dislike walking.
22) My favorite Yankee Candle scent is still Christmas Cookie..
23) I love baking.
24) For some reason i love airports... wow i must really dislike England. Haha...
25) I'm always loosing hair bobbles and bobby pins.
26) Hypnotic Poison Perfume by Dior is my favorite.
27) I own a Crystal that has my face laserd into it...
28) I adore theme parks, especially Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.
29) I can't remember whether i said i'm British or not, oops.
30) I love YouTuber's and bloggers like Zoella and Sprinkleofglitter.
31) My birthday is on the 15th of July, which i think is the exact middle of summer.
32) I have broken my collarbone twice...
33) I almost broke my nose 3 years ago by jumping for some monkey bars, missing and slamming my nose on the floor, yeah i'm very clumsy.
34) I have quite pale skin.
35) I always forget to put Jewelery on in the morning.
36) My bedroom is New York themed.
37) I also really like the colour Orange.
38) I own 2 Harry Potter wands, because when i bought them i thought i would look cool, but i didn't.
39) I love making new friends.
40) I'm always in a happy mood.
41) I like to plan things ahead more than going with the flow.
42) I find it so hard to revise, i get distracted so easily...
43) I own tonnes of Jumpers.
44) i love Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson.
45) I love McDonalds' Chicken Nuggets.
46) I always have to have socks on, no matter what.
47) I wish to start a youtube one day.
48) I love drawing/art.
49) I love wearing sneakers.
50) Last one!!! At the Paradise tour (Cody Simpsons tour) he told me he loves me, and i caught it on video:) yay!

I hope you all enjoyed reading.

-Beth :-)

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