Sunday, 26 May 2013

Day in Szscecin(Stettin)/ LITTLE Haul

Hey guys :)
It seems that I haven't blogged for ages!  :( But I'm busy with school and you all know what that means. ...
Yesterday, me and my family went to Szscecin (which was my grandma's wish because of her birthday today -HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! ♥) So me,my parents and my sister drove with one car and my aunt, my uncle, my cousin and my grandma  sat in one car.
I HATE the traffic in Szscecin. I'm always scared. I don't know why. I prefer the underground or bus or whatever.
The weather wasn't that good. ok it was bad. But we went to a really nice place - the Café 22. That's a café or a restaurant at the top of a building with 22 floors. The view would be amazing but you can't see so much if it's raining.
We also went shopping there and I bought some loose patterned trousers ( by Tally Weijl) with an amazing soft fabric. I want to wear them with brown sandals (by CCC). I think that would be a really nice and relaxed summer outfit. :)
Now it's time for my next SOUNDTRACK SUNDAY! :D
sorry, I forgot it last Sunday :(
The last two weeks my favourite song was/is :
For all our readers who don't know so much about German music:
I really love listening to songs by Lena :)
( Not me! I mean Lena Meyer-Landrut, the one who won the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 ;) )
She published a new album this year; Stardust.
Here are my 3 favourite songs of this album :
 Ok, that's all !
Hope to see you soon ;)
-Lena <3

Sunday, 12 May 2013

One Direction concert/Shopping with star wars figures

Hey guys!  :) ♥

Last night was absolutely amazing!
I went to the One Direction concert in Berlin. The feeling, the sounds, the crowd and especially the boys were incredible!

I wore a washed-grey jeans shorts (h&m), a green top ( my favourite one! by pimkie ), a grey cardigan (takko) and my black plateau shoes (h&m).

Here are some pictures  of the concert:

Today we went shopping to Poland because I needed new shoes. I bought some cute boots by CCC with a floral print inside:

Then I went to New Yorker and I bought a green shirt with a cool print on it, a grey dip dyed tank top and grey ballerinas:
But the highlight of the day was that we met the star wars figures in the shopping centre! :D

Ok, last but not least...
Here's the Soundtrack Sunday!
I post some  One Direction songs because of the amazing concert yesterday:
That's all
I hope you enjoy reading
BYE <3
- Lena :^)

Friday, 10 May 2013


Hello everyone!:D
I want you to show you how to make your old pullovers look super cute and adorable.
I'm obsessed with Pinterest at the moment ( click HERE to discover MY pinterest) and I'm always searching for DIY pictures to get some inspiration for presents or decoration or whatever. ..... So I found this picture:

I asked my mom if she has all 
of the things you need to do this and then I got started! 

All you need is:
-felt wool
-felt needle
(you can get this stuff from the Buttinette online shop)
-old pullover

I start with my grey oversized pullover by h&m and I use pink felt wool for that. Styrofoam is the best material you can use! I tried to do this with a special felting pillow but now it's. ....destroyed. ...ok well then you have to check how much felt wool you've got. I really just need a tiny bit like a hand full or so. I was worried if it's enough but now I've got a rest. You can put your motive wherever you want. I prefer mine above my elbows. During felting you sometimes have to check if it's thick enough and it's important that you loose the wool a little bit of the styrofoam to make sure that it doesn't stuck together.
The last thing you should do is ironing your motive you felted. 
 And tadaaaaaa!
 Here's your new pullover! :D ♥
Hope you find this helpful ♥ 

 - Lena ♥

Thursday, 9 May 2013

My Pamper Night Essentials!

Hey guys! Today I thought I would do a blog about my Pamper night essentials, since I'm have one tonight! So I'll just get started!
I start off with grabbing a glass of water with ice cubes in and taking it upstairs where I begin to run my bath...
Whilst my Bath is running, I pour 3 capfuls of the 'Radox Stress Relief bubble bath' into the hot water, this smells so fresh and relaxing and I just love it ( as you can tell, I'm nearly out! )
After I pour them in, I also like to light a Yankee Candle, and a few non-scented ones.
I choose between 'Cherries on Snow' , 'Christmas Cookie' and 'Garden Sweet Pea, I love them all so much, but Christmas cookie is my favourite, the only down sound is they are quite expensive in the UK! Around £25 for a medium size where I get them!
After I have lighted my Candles, got my water and the Bath is running I remove all my make up with the Simple Cleansing wipes, and just wait!
In the bath, I first like to cleanse my face using the 'Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleaner/Cleanse and Polish' (I show this in my last blogpost) and so far it's been amazing for my skin! Lets hope it carries on! Because its a pamper night, I also like to exfoliate my face, using the 'St.Ives Apricot Scrub' this scrub is raved about alot and I must admit, it's a decent exfoliator, but there probably is better out there, I just haven't found it yet! If you have any recommendations, please leave them below! Ok so moving on, after exfoliating my face I Like to exfoliate my body using the 'Loreal Expertise: Exfotonic' This is an abrasive scrub and I would only use this on my body, but it's extremely good for arms and legs! It doesn't really have a smell which is a bummer!
Next I like to was my hair, and then leave in a Conditioner. I don't use a mask because I don't have one I personally like yet (again please leave recommendations!) so I just use a hydrating conditioner, this one is by Herbal Essences.
I then get out the bath and apply a face mask, the one I like to use is the 'Liz Earle deep cleansing mask' I really really like this product as it tingles on my face, and actually makes it feel clean. It's also easy to clean off as it comes with 2 facial sponges, which is amazing as I don't like washing face masks off! After around 5-10 minutes, I get back in the shower and wash my conditioner out and take my face mask off.
I then get out the shower again and apply a moisturiser to my body, only pamper nights I like to use a Spa body Lotion so I use the 'Sanctuary Body Lotion' This smells fresh, but it could smell better! It also sinks into the skin very easily, which I like! I then apply a foot cream as you have to love your feet to! Whilst that's all soaking in, I file my nails and prep them for being painted. Tonight I'm using a Barry M nail polish in 'Silvery Lilac' which is a gorgeous colour! I also like to paint this on my toe's as I like them to match (I know, weird right!)

So this is everything I do on a pamper night! Including all my essentials!
Thankyou for reading!
-Beth xo

Sunday, 5 May 2013

It's May! :D / First Soundtrack Sunday

May finally arrived! There are almost 25ºc outside!
Yesterday me and my sister took some photos because everything's blooming and the sun's shining it just looks amazing. 
I usually spend those days without make up because I'm living in nowhere here and nobody cares if you look like a mess ( what I absolutely hate! I love making my hair and makeup done and putting some new clothes on but I would mess them up here. ....) but today's my Dad's birthday and I decided to look festive but natural. 
So I chose my bb-cream by garnier it's the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector in light for oily and combination skin (that's better for school days because of the matt effect so you don't have to put on some extra powder ).
For my eyes I use a pink eye shadow and a brown- pink one for the outer corners (by alterra). It's  also the first time for me to wear dark brown mascara (this one is the magic volume mascara by Rival de Loop) and I really love it. The colour is almost the same as my hair colour (a little darker I guess) and it's quite lovely and not as strong as a black one.
My also natural looking nail polish in dusky pink (I have no clue how to say this in English...haha first I thought it's 'old pink' but that sounds. ....idk...please correct me if something  is wrong here!  (:  ) is by basic.
I have to excuse me for my nails. .....some of them break off when I do karate or in PE. I can't wear long nails for long time :(

Ok, here's my first Soundtrack Sunday :D
I'm tired of German radio. I downloaded the BBC app and I'm obsessed with BBC radio 1 now!  I listen to it every morning and the music there is exactly my taste (new stuff and British artists (: )
But here are my favourite songs of the week:

1. Ed Sheeran- You need to cut your hair

2. 5 Seconds Of Summer - Heartbreak Girl

3. Bastille - Of The Night

Saturday I'll go to the One Direction concert in Berlin! OMG I'm so excited. .....uhm what I wanted to say is: I'll take lots of pictures there and maybe I'll do a VERY little Berlin haul (if we've time to shop some stuff there) but anyway I'll show you my concert outfit and makeup  and I guess the next Soundtrack Sunday will be more directioner-like haha :D

-Lena ♥