Sunday, 26 May 2013

Day in Szscecin(Stettin)/ LITTLE Haul

Hey guys :)
It seems that I haven't blogged for ages!  :( But I'm busy with school and you all know what that means. ...
Yesterday, me and my family went to Szscecin (which was my grandma's wish because of her birthday today -HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! ♥) So me,my parents and my sister drove with one car and my aunt, my uncle, my cousin and my grandma  sat in one car.
I HATE the traffic in Szscecin. I'm always scared. I don't know why. I prefer the underground or bus or whatever.
The weather wasn't that good. ok it was bad. But we went to a really nice place - the Café 22. That's a café or a restaurant at the top of a building with 22 floors. The view would be amazing but you can't see so much if it's raining.
We also went shopping there and I bought some loose patterned trousers ( by Tally Weijl) with an amazing soft fabric. I want to wear them with brown sandals (by CCC). I think that would be a really nice and relaxed summer outfit. :)
Now it's time for my next SOUNDTRACK SUNDAY! :D
sorry, I forgot it last Sunday :(
The last two weeks my favourite song was/is :
For all our readers who don't know so much about German music:
I really love listening to songs by Lena :)
( Not me! I mean Lena Meyer-Landrut, the one who won the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 ;) )
She published a new album this year; Stardust.
Here are my 3 favourite songs of this album :
 Ok, that's all !
Hope to see you soon ;)
-Lena <3

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful place and I am feeling massive amounts of envy over that pie!