Friday, 10 May 2013


Hello everyone!:D
I want you to show you how to make your old pullovers look super cute and adorable.
I'm obsessed with Pinterest at the moment ( click HERE to discover MY pinterest) and I'm always searching for DIY pictures to get some inspiration for presents or decoration or whatever. ..... So I found this picture:

I asked my mom if she has all 
of the things you need to do this and then I got started! 

All you need is:
-felt wool
-felt needle
(you can get this stuff from the Buttinette online shop)
-old pullover

I start with my grey oversized pullover by h&m and I use pink felt wool for that. Styrofoam is the best material you can use! I tried to do this with a special felting pillow but now it's. ....destroyed. ...ok well then you have to check how much felt wool you've got. I really just need a tiny bit like a hand full or so. I was worried if it's enough but now I've got a rest. You can put your motive wherever you want. I prefer mine above my elbows. During felting you sometimes have to check if it's thick enough and it's important that you loose the wool a little bit of the styrofoam to make sure that it doesn't stuck together.
The last thing you should do is ironing your motive you felted. 
 And tadaaaaaa!
 Here's your new pullover! :D ♥
Hope you find this helpful ♥ 

 - Lena ♥

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