Sunday, 5 May 2013

It's May! :D / First Soundtrack Sunday

May finally arrived! There are almost 25ºc outside!
Yesterday me and my sister took some photos because everything's blooming and the sun's shining it just looks amazing. 
I usually spend those days without make up because I'm living in nowhere here and nobody cares if you look like a mess ( what I absolutely hate! I love making my hair and makeup done and putting some new clothes on but I would mess them up here. ....) but today's my Dad's birthday and I decided to look festive but natural. 
So I chose my bb-cream by garnier it's the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector in light for oily and combination skin (that's better for school days because of the matt effect so you don't have to put on some extra powder ).
For my eyes I use a pink eye shadow and a brown- pink one for the outer corners (by alterra). It's  also the first time for me to wear dark brown mascara (this one is the magic volume mascara by Rival de Loop) and I really love it. The colour is almost the same as my hair colour (a little darker I guess) and it's quite lovely and not as strong as a black one.
My also natural looking nail polish in dusky pink (I have no clue how to say this in English...haha first I thought it's 'old pink' but that sounds. ....idk...please correct me if something  is wrong here!  (:  ) is by basic.
I have to excuse me for my nails. .....some of them break off when I do karate or in PE. I can't wear long nails for long time :(

Ok, here's my first Soundtrack Sunday :D
I'm tired of German radio. I downloaded the BBC app and I'm obsessed with BBC radio 1 now!  I listen to it every morning and the music there is exactly my taste (new stuff and British artists (: )
But here are my favourite songs of the week:

1. Ed Sheeran- You need to cut your hair

2. 5 Seconds Of Summer - Heartbreak Girl

3. Bastille - Of The Night

Saturday I'll go to the One Direction concert in Berlin! OMG I'm so excited. .....uhm what I wanted to say is: I'll take lots of pictures there and maybe I'll do a VERY little Berlin haul (if we've time to shop some stuff there) but anyway I'll show you my concert outfit and makeup  and I guess the next Soundtrack Sunday will be more directioner-like haha :D

-Lena ♥

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