Saturday, 4 May 2013

Skincare, Make-up and Fashion Haul!

Hey guys! I went to the new shopping Center in Leeds today and went a tad crazy! So, I thought it's a good time to do a haul!
So I thought to start off with Skincare...
So I heard of this place in Leeds called 'Liz Earle' and because her shops are only found in the UK (and Isle of Wight) and there isn't a shop where I live, I decided to buy there signature cleanser 'Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser'. I have heard so so so many good reviews about this product, so I decided to give it a try. I bought the 100ml starter kit, which includes a 100ml pump, and 2 muslim cloths! They Starter kit cost £14.75, which is quite good, to say they are very hard to find! Also If you want, I will do a review of these after a while! Also from Liz Earle, I bought their 'Deep Cleansing mask' which comes out like a Clay mask. I also bought this in the Starter kit form, which includes a 75ml tube and 2 sponges to wipe it off with. I think the sponges are going to be really helpful as I hate washing off face masks! The Mask starter kit was around the same price being £14.50! Liz Earless packaging is always so classy and nice, I hope to buy some more products in the future.
Moving onto Make-up, I went to boots searching for the Rimmel 9 in 1 BB cream as summer is approaching, and, the Real Techniques expert face brush, lucky I found both of these and bought them! So the Rimmel BB cream in the shade 'light' was £6.99 and is my exact colour! I was so happy because its rare to find my skins shade lately, because I'm so pale. Te Real Techniques expert face brush was £9.99 and is so so smooth, I really can't wait to use it! I've heard so many great reviews.

Finally onto fashion! This is my favourite part...
Ok, so first I bought a new bag, as mine is getting a bit old now, and I thought this 'Bowler bag' from New Look was so cute. It's colour is a really pale pink and it's had a shoulder strap and a Cross body strap, so it's so helpful! This bag is huge inside and matches with most clothes I own. It's price was £19.99 which I think is an amazing price as it feels very durable.
Also from New Look, I bought a pair of slip on shoes for £14.99... as I'm going on holiday to America in the near future I decided to get some shoes I could easily slip on, and these were the perfect pair! I'm a size 5 and these fit perfect, I also really like the flower-like pattern on them.
Next from New Look, I bought a ombré styled dress. When I first looked at this dress, I didn't really like it that much, but I decided to try it on anyway. In the changing rooms, I fell in love with it! It fitted me perfectly and was so light and cute. There is a purposely made hole in the back so I also bought a bra-let to cover up my bra strap (£2.99). Oh, I also love the rope like detailing on the top half as it give it a bit more oomph! This dress cost me £28.00 and was so worth it! The second to last thing I bought from new look was this Gold spiked-type necklace, which I thought was a great statement necklace as I don't own many of these, and it would go with anything! The necklace was £6.00! So finally, the last thing I bought from New Look was some Disco Pants/Leggings! I honestly preferred these to the American Apparel ones as the high-waisted part really suits me, and the are still so flattering,
Plus, they were only £10.00!
So moving on to the last 2 things I bought, which were from Topshop.
I bought a nice laced type top as I'm in love with cute-lace like things recently! Plus, it's was In the sale from £10.00! If you live in the UK, you would know that's an amazing price for Topshop as most things are in the £30.00 range! It's a nice and flowey top and was totally worth it:)
I also bought these Grey and Cream frilly socks because thy are so adorable, and Topshop have such a wide range of colours in them! They were only £3.50 so I thought I may aswell get some as they would look cute with some pumps!
I think that's everything I bought, I hope you enjoyed reading!
-Beth x

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