Sunday, 16 June 2013

Beauty haul | Soundtrack Sunday

Hey guys :)

oh god....I haven't posted something for ages! :(
But now there's only one week left before the summer holidays yey :D

On Monday we went shopping a one-day-class-trip. ( we don't have class trips for shopping [sadly] . we wanted to visit the theatre festival )
I bought a new lip balm there ( a red one by alterra ) because my old one was empty and I like lip balms with a colour. They look so much more natural than lip glosses. Speaking of natural I also bought a bright shiny and very intense, super red lipstick (by L'OrĂ©al→  intense blondes 297) . :)
I have no clue when and where to wear it but.....I just had to get it :)
After these lip things I bought an eyeshadow palette (in brown shades by Rival de Loop→ the 'Quattro Eyeshadow') and a really nice eyeshadow brush.
I usually do my eyebrows with brown eyeshadow but I decided to get me the eye brow stylist by catrice cosmetics. It looks very natural and it also has a brush at the top which forms your brows really nice. 
Another product that I'd never expected to use is a primer. But I'll test it these's the 'Prime and Fine illuminating base for an even and fresh complexion' also by catrice cosmetics. 
Oh I forgot to say that I bought all these things at Rossmann.
( I don't know if you have this drugstore England...and if it's only a german store....)
The last thing I bought there is the fit me concealer by mabelline new york which I saw in many of zoe's videos. ( zoella/zoe sugg ....if you know her ;)  )

Now I have to tell you the main reason why this day made me so super happy:

I went to Douglas.
Didn't want to buy anything there.
Just wondered around.
I hadn't much money anymore.
Then I saw some cute body lotions by ' I love...'.
Only for 5 euros.
when I went to the cashier to pay she asked something another woman.
Then she told me that I can choose another body lotions so that I get one for free.
I ran through the store (yeah...I'm weird. ..) and came back with another one.
That means that I got two body lotions ( strawberry & milkshake and raspberry & blackberry). For 5 euros.
it's like heaven. ;)

Ok and now its time for SOUNDTRACK SUNDAY 

My favourite tracks of the week:

the music video of 

{super cute *-* }

{ omg *-* ♥ }

{absolutely amazing ♡ }

-Lena ♥

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