Thursday, 25 July 2013

Favourite summer drinks

That's a really weird post for a beauty, lifestyle and fashion blog but this summer I've tried some new things and I just want to share them with you.

At first I have to say: This summer I tried Arizona Tea for the first time.
Yeah that's ridiculous but isn't that populare here.
I reeeeeally like the cute design and they're nice for a day on the beach but in my opinion they taste too sweet for an every-day-drink.
(All flavours I've tried: iced tea with peach flavour, pomegranate green tea, iced tea with lemon flavour, blueberry white tea and my favourite: original green tea with honey.)

The next drink I want to show you is: Ti.
It's a German drink I think and I love it.
Ti is also an iced tea but it tastes a lot more like tea and a lot healthier.
I would like to take some for school everyday because they're really refreshing.
(All flavours: green tea & mango, peppermint & blackberry, White tea with cranberry & acai [no photo]  Ti websit: click here! )

Last but not least ladies and gentlemen here's my hero:
Starbucks frappuccino vanilla.
I've bought it at two different Discounters ( Rewe,Kaufland) but there is only the flavour vanilla and it's with coffee. I normally buy the frappuccino vanilla cream without coffee at a Starbucks but the next store is faaaaaaar away so I'm very happy to this one.
Ok that's it. I hope it wasn't THAT weird but I promise I'll do a post about Fashion next time.
- Lena

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