Saturday, 27 July 2013

Heat wave and Little random plans

40 °c....that's unbelievable. Heavy traffic everywhere because everybody rushes to the Baltic sea and there are announcements about thunder storms with gal-force gusts and hailstorms on the radio.
What's wrong with this summer?!
First there was no sun,no warmth. Just rain,rain,rain.
And now it's too hot to go outside and enjoy the sun.

By the way: I discovered some more flavours of starbucks coffees at the discounter today.
Mine was Caramel Macchiato
( You might think I'm stupid and weird now but I live in the middle of nowhere so I'm NEVER 'up-to-date')
Some Blogging plans:
1. I'll post an interview I did with one of my favourite bloggers
2. I want to write about one of the most talented 17 year old boys ever and how he made my day :)
(sounds.....interesting Lena....)
3. I planned sooooo many DIYs.....It seems impossible to share ALL of them with you :/
4. I'll do a haul next week. (H&M)
5. Maybe I'll do a 30 days snapshot Project? (.......maybe not....)

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