Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Veeeeery little drugstore haul

Yesterday we had to wait near a drugstore for my dad and I couldn't resist to buy at least 2 little things. I thought it would be good to buy something new for school next week (oh my god where are my holidays gone? :(   ).

The first item I took with me is the MANHATTAN Marcel Ostertag 'Girl with a rose eyeshadow'. I don't know but I think it's a limited/special edition. The colours are lovely and I think it has a nice texture. The description says:
"Catwalk Trend Styles for the eyes. Developed with Fashion Designer Marcel Ostertag."

( sorry for my veins on this picture...doesn't they look scary? :$ )
The other item is my favourite: the ASTOR soft sensation lipcolor butter in 016 Va Va Voum.
I'm absolutely in love with it because the colour is perfect for me ( not too strong, it Looks soft and perfect for summer) and feels like a lipbalm. It's a moisturising lipbalm, lipstick and lipgloss, all in one. It stays very long on my lips except when I eat or drink something ( bur that's normal right? or did anyone find a lipstick that lasts a whole day ? with eating, drinking and other lipstick-killers? ).
Tomorrow I'll post an interview and I'm really excited about that :))).
 Cider with Rosie is one of my favourite blogs and Rosie was so nice and answered all of my questions.
If you'd never read her blog before then click HEEEEEEREEEEEE !!
Tomorrow is also my sisters birthday and my job is it to hide her presents behind my bed ;)
She'll get 3 CD's ( Batsille - Bad Blood, Little Mix - DNA and Ed Sheeran - + ) and a special gift that I made her, but sssssshhhh!! Don't tell her! ;)

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