Sunday, 4 August 2013

Back to school | Soundtrack Sunday

Tomorrow's school :(
Holidays are over and the temperatures are still hot. That's not fair! But I'll try to make the best of this situation.
I'm thinking about back to school series so I can show you what's going on in my first week after holidays.
Tomorrow's my first day of grade 10.
This will be a hard year :/.....but I'm very happy to see all of my friends :)
I have to think about my future now....about my first job or an university so I think this will be definitely the year of decisions. ( I hate important decisions....and these will be life changing decision :$ )
What I want to change this year:
1. I want to learn more before a test.....I'm not a bad student but I'm a little lazy
2. I want to organise my desk and keep it clean.
3. I want to eat/drink healthier during breaks.
4. I want to wear more dresses and things I love and not just comfortable and simple things.
5. Most important: I want to think more positive :)


Here's another Soundtrack Sunday :)

(I looooove this song! it sounds so lovely and Gabrielle Aplin is soooo pretty! I love her hair and her style :)  )

( another pretty Lady..I really like her voice! )

( so catching! it's a car song ;) I just turn up the volume and sing it out loud  :P )

( it's so girly....and sounds sooo teenage-girl-like..every time I'm listening to it I want to fly to the USA .... Beth is there at this moment :) )

( I don't have to say anything. I'm a directioner ;) that's all....)
(oh god what a beautiful song! I'm listening to it everyday! Bastille is one of my favourite bands this year and I love Ella Eyre's voice since 'waiting all night' by Rudimental)

( it reminds me of Zoe :) since her 1 Million subscribers Video. WATCH HERE! )
Good luck for the new school year to all our German readers ! xx
- Lena x


  1. What is grade ten in terms of age? I'm from New Zealand, and so I have no idea what that means! Also, I love the way you write your posts :)

    1. I'm from Germany and I don't know how to say that...and my English isn't perfect. ...I mean the 10th school year :) you know?
      New Zealand is beautiful! ♥
      Thank you very much Emma ! :) ♥ xxx
      I'll check out yours soon!

      -Lena ♥