Sunday, 11 August 2013

Eucerin Dermo Purifyer

Yesterday I started using products by Eucerin Dermo Purifyer. My mum said these are the best skincare products ever because she uses Eucerin for ages now ( since she's 5 years old). Almost everyone in our family has sensitive skin and it's quite hard to find a good product.
Some products make my skin red and dry and my worst problem is my blemished, oily, young teenager skin ( nice description ). Eucerin is medically developed and that's why it's a little bit more expensive then other brands but it's worth it! I like the smell ( even if it's not so special or intense ) and I think it's really important to use products without perfume so they can't mix to an awful mess of scents that do not fit together.
 All of these products are non-comedogenic ( you can't get blemishes while using this) and a good make up base or remover.

I orderd the night care ( 50 ml 9.18 pounds/ 13.60 euros),
the scrub ( 100 ml 9.18 pounds / 8.60 euros ),
the Adjunctive Hydrating care ( 50 ml 9.25 pounds/14.95 euros)
[ this one has a SPF 30...I don't need an adjunctive product...]
and the Cleanser ( 200 ml 9.18 pounds/9.95 euros).
For more Information:
I also want to try Bioderma and Clinique products. Especially the Bioderma Sensibio H2O toner because everybody recommends this product for removing make up and  I 'm very excited now.....
- Lena x

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