Tuesday, 6 August 2013

" Hi I'm Lena and I like English...."

I'm tired now. But it was a good day. School was ok,...all we had to do was concentrating....but only the first 2 hours and then we had a plenary assembly...(haven't heard that before.......I'm a Teenager ok?) but this was quite awkward......and then we went Swimming! yeah! :)
After a while a thunderstorm started and we rushed to the busses and got. The bus driver gave us some more reasons for hating him but I can't talk about that... not here ....
Next topic: I decided to join the School choir.
I'm not sure if this will be good or if this will work but I said: let's give it a try and maybe I'll make new friends there :) ( hopefully). Music is my passion. I love singing even in front of people, I'm not as shy as usual then.
Here are my favourite pinterest quotes of the day because I think they fit my situation very well :)
and I want to share my motivational mood with you:
Ok, that's clear. If you're dreaming the whole day you're dreams couldn't come true right?

Give your best! Work hard for your dreams and never give up!

Oh! I forgot to explain the he title of today's blog post ;)
We had to introduce ourself today. In German lessons. I felt a TINY bit like a I'm grade 1....a tiny bit..We had to say who we are and what we like to do in our freetime.
So I was like: " Hi I'm Lena and I like English...I play piano and do karate."
Mine wasn't the funniest introduction..I think my friends did some better ones:

-"My hobby's dancing."
teacher:" oh! classical?"

-" My name's ....and I like chilling."
-"I'm .... and I like playing computer games. on my computer."

my favourite: -"Anna"
            (she doesn't have to introduce herself because everybody knows her. EVERYBODY.Even if your new at our school or not. she's popular here :D )

Some Music I like today:

- Lena

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