Thursday, 15 August 2013

Pinterest pics of the week

I'm a special child haha :D's just evrybody's sad because it's geting colder now and I'm like: "YESSS Autumn is coming!!!!"
I love autumn. I love wearing layers ,pullovers and boots. No heat and no snow, some thunderstorms, rainfalls, camp fire and cozy evenings.
The forest looks just amazing: cobwebs, falling leaves, fogs and glowing light in the dark.
These are my favourite Pinterest pics of the week.
( These are not my photos. Just some pics of my pin boards.)
So magical! Lanterns on a foggy street. Some people like sunny and colourful pictures but I love this kind of pictures with no colours, almost completely dark and little lights peaking through.
This year I need to buy some Lumberjack Shirts (is that the right word? please let me know!).
I looove the soft material and the checkered look. You can wear them with some classic Jeans and you have a nice and comfortable look for school! That's my master plan ;)

This is  such a super cute autumn picture. Cats are my favourite animals and this one looks so cuddly!
( Just like my little lady Lulu ;) )


I really want to dye my hair now and I decided to bleach the tips blonde. Zoe Sugg is my ombre-inspiration but my hair isn't as long as hers...Maybe I'll cut my hair like in the first picture ...but then I can't wear ponytails anymore :( ....I'm not sure about that... I think I have to ask my hairdresser first...

My autumn soundtrack is the album 'English Rain' by Gabrielle Aplin.
She sings like an angel!! Such a lovely voice and she's very pretty too!
Another reason is: the album title includes two of my favourite things- England and rain :)
So many reasons for buying this :))
- Lena xx


  1. I'd call them 'Lumberjack Shirts' too :)

    1. I don't know every English word and I'm scared nobody understands me....Thanks for your help :) ♥
      -Lena ♥

  2. I love autumn too! Lumberjack shirts (which is what I'd call them too!) are so comfortable, I need to invest in a new one. And I love Gabrielle Aplin's music- I tried to resist, but it's so lovely. xx

    1. Yeah they're so comfy!
      I know her voice is so adorable!

      -Lena xx