Monday, 5 August 2013

Post from England | Let's start the new school year!

Today I received post from England. It's a signed EP by Matt Maltese! :)
For those who don't know him: he's a very talented British singer and songwriter.
I loooove his single Good Old Days it's one of my favourite songs!
Matt made a competition on Twitter and he said: " I'll be choosing someone who retweets my next tweet to receive a free signed EP... (if that makes any sense)". So I thought 'let's give it a try' and I wrote back. Then, all of a sudden, I got a message with the information me that I won. I totally freaked out because I'd never won something like this before. This made my day! :)
After sending him my adress it arrived today and it makes me so happy the feeling that everybody has the chance to win something special and even a person like me has a little amount of luck in life :)

Thanks so much to Matt! xx
I'm very happy and I'm really looking forward to listen to your songs quite a lot the next days :)
I survived the first day of school!
It's wasn't THAT hard ......but the insights of the new school year destroyed my mood...
This year will be exhausting. Ther's a lot of stuff to learn, new teachers, new subjects, new breaks and times and it's the last year before the most important time. That means it's also the last year for thinking about my future...Today I got the Information that I have to work even harder then before because I'll become the chance to prepare everything for a grant for my studies later...
But therefore I have to get involved in the school.. more then before.. and I hate it.
I'm sooo shy and I can't talk in front of many people or even in front of my own class...Being the head girl of a school like mine ( my school is bilingual.....and it's an Europe-School...that means that the head girl has to meet many important people and has to organise A LOT of projects and meetings....) is a full-time-Job.
I'm soo scared :(
But it's a huuuuge chance ....and not everybody can get this.
What would you say? Should I push me and face my fears? I'm so confused :(
- Lena x

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