Saturday, 31 August 2013

The I Heart Autumn Tag

I absolutely love this tag since I discovered it on Harriet's blog Harriet Does Makeup.
As you all know ( or maybe not....if you're not reading our blog......but that's now you know) I LOVE AUTUMN!! I'm really excited for this so let's get started :))
1. Favourite Autumn Lip Product
I prefer red, burgundy or nude colours.Intense dark colours on pale skin look so stunning!

 2. Favourite Autumn Nail Polish
For autumn I love dark purple, red, black, brown and grey tones, dark orange and dark green.

3. Favourite Starbucks Autumn Drink
My favourite drinks at Starbucks are usually frappuccino vanilla cream or the good old hot chocolate :) But for autumn I prefer everything with caramel or chai teas.

4. Favourite Autumn Candle
My all-year favourites: cinnamon and vanilla.

5. Favourite Autumn Accessory
As always I'm wearing for autumn old fashioned and timeless earring and rings. I love the little simple things.

6. Haunted House, Haunted Hayride or Haunted Corn Maze?
Uhm.....yeah......what the.....what does this mean?.....I know my English isn't perfect...but...I have no clue what what this is....I googled this at first......but I have still no idea what to write here..
Please help me and explain These 3 things to me :)

7. Favourite Halloween Movie
OOOhh this is great!!....ok I'm not someone who loves watching Horror films...definitly not. BUT I love films for children so I'm obsessed with 'The nightmare before christmas' by Tim Burton and 'Casper' (oh my gosh....I love casper..). I'm a huge potter head...Since my 12th birthday I'm addicted to the Harry Potter books and films! So HP is a must on Halloween.
But.the best short film ever. is the cartoon of ' Sleepy Hollow' . Some of you might know the real movie with Johnny Depp but as I said I hate horror...This short film is soooooo funny my dad and me we always end up crying and laughing at the same time. This may sounds weird.....yeah...but that's me....

8. Favourite sweets to eat on Halloween
Pumkin pie and these little pumkin biscuits! They're very similar to oreos just in pumkin form.
9. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
When I was little I went out on Halloween for 2 times. It isn't that popular here in my region and I was almost the only one who asks for sweets and so I got tired of that...I went as a witch or a ghost....Nowadays I go for pale skin, dark lips and eyes, a messy bun and my Skeleton Shirt.
10. Your favourite part of fall ( yes you have to choose one! )
I love November! It's the coldest part and soo magical! Fogg, cobwebs, falling,colourful leaves, darkness, wind/ storms, rain,cold,...

11.Your favourite fall tunes
Adele - Hometown Glory
Tom Odell- Hold Me
Gabrielle Aplin- Keep On Walking
Bastille- Overjoyed
Ed Sheeran - Autumn Leaves
Lauren Aquilina -Sinners

12. Your fall Outfit
longer dresses in autumn colours

patterned warm pullovers/ Ponchos


Lumberjack Shirts :))))) my favourites <3
13. Your favourite fall scent
Ooohhh there's a lot: the smell of a forest after a rain, of campfires, bread and sausages, cinnamon apples, tea, candles ( even without a special scent), of leaves ( if you know what I mean ) and of the first frost in the morning.

That's it!
Sorry for my English skills and my weird answers....
Check out Harriets Autumn TAG: HERE
And thanks to everyone who's reading our blog! :))
Greetings to one of my closest friends Hannah!
Thanks for reading my posts! Love you sooo much! :)
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-Lena xx





  1. hi! loving this cute Autumn post! Please check out my blog, im new and it would be greatly appreciate (maybe even a lovely follow on blogloving)

    1. HI! Oh thank you so much! Sure ! I'll have a look at yours :)

      - Lena xx

  2. Adorable post, It hasn't really sunk in that it's almost autumn and after reading this I'm so excited for this time of year to begin. I'm a big fan of autumn and being able to wrap up warm and drink endless amount of hot chocolate.
    This post looks super cute to do, I may be doing this myself soon!

    -Sarah xo

    1. Aww thanks! Yeah Autumn is sooo adorable and I hope I could describe my excitement for that :))
      Let me now if you're doing this post and send me the link then! I would love to read that!

      - Lena xx

  3. ohh,I enjoyed this post so much!
    thank you!

    1. Thank you so much sweetie! Means a lot to me! :)))
      You're welcome! <3

      - Lena xx

  4. Replies
    1. Yeah me too! I'm like:"noooooo go away sun! I WANT RAIN." ;)) haha