Thursday, 29 August 2013


Since 2012 I travelled a little more. I went to Paris, Krakau, Breslau and London.
We went to Krakau and Breslau this may and it was gorgeous.
(We - because it was a class trip.)
I just felt like I have to share some pictures with you and I also want to talk a little....about what happened so far and so on :)

That's in Krakau/Krakow.....we had a little sightseeing tour and a lot of freetime after that...the weather was extremly hot!

my friends the pidgeons
This weird guy......
lovely old buildings
my new name, chosen by Starbucks
Starbucks store in Breslau/Wroclaw
I absolutely love this lace dress by Pimkie! It suits me so well but I haven't bought purse was empty... :/

I think I don't have to explain this one here. ...................
What happened the last two weeks:
1. I'll get a locker at school ( this isn't a regular thing at schools in Germany )
2. We had a lot of fun on Saturday at our 'Dorffest' :D
 (nice party^^.....check out my intstagram for some pics: lena_s_and_y )
3. Lulu had an intense fight with the neighbour dog :$
4. 'G√ľnther' my hedgehog disappeared :(
5. Fangirling
( This is us premier ......omg)
6. planned shopping trips , especially to Berlin
( because of primark and the Topshop opening eeek :3)
7. started the new School year pretty well! :)
8. obsessed with 'Belvita' breakfast biscuit :$
9. Next Tuesday I have a meeting... I want to go to Manchester next I'll have a conversation with some teachers and other students
10. we have to plan our last class trip for 2015 now....We're divided in 4 different Groups: the teacher wants Dresden or Rome, the 'Geeks' want Belgium or Denmark, the 'Girlies' and 'Idiots' want Mallorca and Ibiza and we ( me and some friends) , the UK/Disney- Freaks, want to visit England, Ireland or France ( including Disney land ;) )
11. On Saturday I'll go to my hair dresser.... we'll discuss: ombre or not
12. So obsessed with Zooey Deschanel! Isn't she beautiful? I love her style!
( I must be the lost twin of her character Jess from New Girl.....I'm also nerdy, embarassing and weird :)) )
- Lena x


  1. Class trips to other countries!! Oh wow, you have no idea how lucky you are! How I wish that was possible here :) the best we got was a trip to a sandfly covered lake where we went tramping. (I live in nz)

    1. Oh but New Zealand is soooo beautiful! I'll never be able to go there :(

      - Lena