Thursday, 5 September 2013

H&M obsession and A/W collection favourites

I love H&M sooo much. Though they're going to get a little pricey now :(
At the age of 10 I began collecting every single catalog or H&M newsletter ( sounds sick...I know..).
It's quite a usual thing that I'm wearing at least one item from H&M every day.
Here are my favourites of the A/W collection:
Oh I love everything about the 90's ! I'm a 90's kid and me and my dad are 90's music lovers ;)
( even though I was born the end...but who cares? :) )
[ 9.95 euros]

[both 24.95 ]
For autumn I prefer warm,cozy and squared Lumberjack Shirts or blouses. The first is a Jeans blouse with nice squared Details. I love the bright blue colour and I think you can wear this one all year.
The dress below is quite perfect for autumn. The autumnal colours, the little tie, long sleeves and a collar ( which is important for me ;) ).

[ 24.95 ]      [ 29.95 ]
It's hard to see the first one ( sorry )...This is my most wanted item this autumn. It looks very comfortable and soft but also very classy and dressed. You can wear a simple black Dress with everything and in every situation.
The other one looks like a dress too but it's a quite long blouse/Shirt. I love the structure and the colour. Rolled-up sleeves are one of my all-time-favourites.
[ 49.95 ]
I've seen so many girls wearing this last year and I wasn't sure if I'd buy something with a 'Teddy fabric' ( do you say this in England? :) that's the way we call it in Germany.). But this year I think it's soo adorable. Love this mixture of soft and cozy and a wild, black and edgy biker jacket.

[ 19.95 ]
I've got one of these from the last years' A/W collection and I'm wearing it a lot. Just perfect to put it over a shirt so that the collar can peak. I'm not sure which one I shoud buy....the light or dark blue one? Please let me think! :)

My last question:
I want to get me a new bag. A classic black and big one. Which one do you think is the best?

- Lena xx



  1. I love H&M too!
    I would like to tag you for the Leibster Award. Let me know if you want the tag
    xx Anreea