Sunday, 22 September 2013

Pinterest Quotes of the week

Next episode of pinterest qoutes of the week :)
I'm just obsessed with sayings and spells at the moment.
I love drawing them or trying some really nice home decor DIYs with these meaningful words and sentences on it. My quotes board on pinterest seems to burst one day, I can't stop adding some new ones..
Need to pin this right above my desk.....when I'm sick of homework...

so true.




Yep! I love rain! It's a good thing so don't get depressed.
The adorable sound....the smell...oh and rain boots ;)
Hope you all had a lovely week(end) x
-Lena xx


  1. I like the last one the most, it's very sweet! I just like people who smile back at me when I smile at them in the street. A smile says a lot!


  2. I think I'd like to follow your board on Pinterest, they're great quotes, what's the link please? :)

    (@_LisasLife_ from #lbloggers Twitter)