Sunday, 1 September 2013

Summer results #1

As a contrast to my I Heart Autumn Tag yesterday- Here are finally my Summer results/ favs.
I'll do this in 2 different parts. Part one is about my favourites and what I tried/ bought.
So here it is:

These 2 items are my 'most-worn' this summer. The T-shirt with the dots has such a soft material it's just gorgeous! And I got a little bit obsessed with Flamingos this year :)))))) I've taken this picture on a trip to the Baltic sea! What a nice day :)
( both H&M )
I'm so in love with this dress by mint&berry! I really have to wear this for School next year! I'm always afraid of wearing skirts and sresses for School...but I have to push me a little and give it a try :)
Here are my 3 favourite shoes: the black ones are from H&M....but I have no clue where I've got the others from...that's bad :( sorry....
I don't like flats anymore because of my weird feet....but these pink slippers are so comfy, they didn't hurt. Since this summer I changed my whole Fashion taste and now I love the simple Fashion items and timeless Outfits. That's the reason I've bought these leather sandals and I think I'll wear them a lot in the future.

Favourite Beauty items: the maybelline rocket mascara ( it lasts sooooo long and the texture is amazing! I got mine in waterproof), Astor lip colour butter (amazing. mixture of lip gloss,lip stick and balm.such a nice and soft colour!) and my Ives Rocher blush ( I got this one on my class trip to krakow in a rocher store :) and I'm wearing this everyday now .).
For Skin and hair care:
The eucerin dermo purifyer series. I'm so glad with this, it fits perfectly to my skin type.It makes huge difference ! Check out my first post about these series: HERE
My all time favourite for hair care is the John Fireda shampoo for brunette. I love everything of John Frieda and I'm using this for almost 2 years
My favourite shower gels are 'smooth' and 'protect' by adidas.( I've tried 'power' ,too.....a loooong time ago..) I think they're more a sporty kind of skin care but I love the smell and the little peeling micro pearls. OH! and 'smooth ' smells like my favourite tooth paste when I was little ;)


I bought this pink bag on easter holidays in Hastings/ England. It's so special to me because it reminds me of my best trip ever.(It's like my little Baby you know ;) )
I'm one of these persons who forgets to put some jewelry in the morning.....but when I want to wear some I keep it simple. I like rings (ring with rings by H&M, braided ring by......oh....I don't know ...sorry) and my little cute earrings with birds on it ( they're unique! from an art market ).

My favourite book for summer (AND autumn because It's not finished yet )is LONDON by Edward Rutherfurd. It's about the WHOLE history of London and it's quite interesting.
You all know I'm a LITTLE obsessed with the UK.....and now I'm busy with reading and watching as many documentaries as I can.
- Lena xx


  1. I have the same flamingo shirt - it's one of my faves'! ^^ Lovely blog, I followed :))

    1. yeah it's lovely!^^
      Thanks you so much! means a lot! I'll follow back xx

      - Lena xx

  2. I like your post ! That dress is beautiful!! ;) xx