Monday, 2 September 2013

Summer Results #2

Part 2 is about my favourite pictures of this summer.
Sorry for the quality :/ ........but I don't want to use a you can see the real colours and lights of every little moment :)
We went quite alot to the Baltic sea....but just for chilling and swimming :)
Think I don't have to say something to each's just a nice memory and the pictures can tell their own story.
Uhh! you can see me and my family there ;)

Also loved watching Lulu fighting with the neighbour pets....that's mean...yeah...but look at her^^

Traditional fishing one day before our 'Dorffest' ( which means village fete/Festival)...

'Dorffest'on August 24th

'Jahrmarkt' ( County fair) at Burg Klempenow

random pics:

Next time I'll do a little bit longer ( with more text...) post.
I planned soooo much for autumn I think I'll write the whole following 3 month...
-Lena xx



  1. I love that last photo, it's stunning!! :) it looks like you had a wonderful summer.

    1. Thanks Emma!
      It shows my cousin and my sister making bubbles ;)

      - Lena <3

  2. Great pics!!! Love the smiley pot and spock ^^
    Im now following ur blog on bloglovin ^^