Sunday, 6 October 2013


 That's my first OOTD....( sorry for the pictures....)

It's a casual layered school outfit . I got this dress a long time ago ( think it's from takko..) and I'm wearing it quite a lot. It's super comfy and soft, I would describe it as a t-shirt material ( if you know what I mean ...can't find the right words today....well as always..). Just like wearing girly dresses at the moment :P
You can't see but I'm wearing a dark green cardigan underneath ( also from takko..). Autumn is really cold this year in Germany so I'm going to wear a lot of layers this year even stuff nobody can see.
On top of the Cardigan I'm wearing a jeans shirt by H&M ( the more layers the better....) just to make this outfit not too casual.
The green jacket ( by H&M ) is one of my favourite items this year. I bought it for the UK trip but the only day I was able wearing it was our day in London because of the weather. I looove the colour and the little details on the back ( making it look so edgy ). Doesn't fit perfectly to my outfit but it's my my everday autumn jacket...I'm too lazy in the morning so I'm just grabbing the same jacket always....because I'm sleepy and quite too busy rushing through the house...
The boots are my all-time favourites ( by H&M...what a surprise :D ). I wore them in Paris, at Windsor Castle and every single school day and that's what they look like...
 I never thought they would last for one year but they did and I like the used look.
(I needed to change the shoelaces 3 times...)
- Lena xx


  1. I love your boots so much, they're gorgeous! Lovely outfit :) xxx

  2. Love it! The color combination is super cute ^^