Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sunday Afternoon Talk

Hello everyone!
wow haven't talked to you for a while. .....sorry ......but I'm back now and I feel very chatty today.
It happened so much so far this autumn. So many changes and experiences and I thought I'll write everything down now. Ok almost everything but I'm a teenager and I think you don't want to know all these moody details ;)
Autumn isn't over's November, but I'm already excited for Christmas.
You can feel that it's nearly there....During piano lessons we sing some Christmas songs, my mum asked us which advent calendar she should buy, I found myself looking at the Christmas trees in my grandpa's garden and I changed into long sleeved pyjamas.
I can't wait for the scent of cinamon and candles, for the first snow flakes on my window, for catching Christmas songs, Christmas markets and comfy clothes.

To come back to what happened so far: on Thursday was Halloween.
I spent the day before with my friends Julia, Anne, Vici and Hannah and had quite a lovely time. It felt good to be reunited after a long time and it was sooooo good to talk about everything. We watched Horror films :$ ,some funny youtube videos and ate a lot of Pizza, Popcorn and Harribos.....
We stayed up until 5 a.m. or so and I felt tired the day after but happy.....especially HAPPY.
Thursday, I cleaned up my room and then I wanted to prepare all of the pumkins my mum has given to me. But at 6 p.m. I realised that I'm very late and I haven't finished anything. Around 7 p.m. we were done and after soe boring School preparing stuff I went to my bed. I wish Halloween could be a little more exciting and adventurous but Germany isn't a good place for that.....and especially our village .

( just wanted to say: I made this one ^^)
I have no clue what's going on with me at the moment. It feels like I have changed a lot but I'm still the same person. Maybe all of these crazy and unexpected obsessions were hidden inside of me for 15 years.....Even writing those sentences is so unlike me.
I love romantic films now. I'm obsessed with 'The Notebook'  , 'Notting Hill' and I'm so excited for 'About Time'.
 I started to trust my creative mind. When I feel like drawing something, I do. That's why I'm carrying tons of notebooks and pencils to school that no idea or thought can get lost.
My latest projects are moodboards and DIY's and I'm finally at the point where I can't find any space for more materials.
I finally visited Primark with my family and a friend .....and.....yeah......unbelievable.
Great idea going to primark on Saturday afternoon. Must be a genius who decided to do that.
I stepped out of my comfort zone and bought two dresses AND I wore them to school!
( It's ridiculous how proud I am....)
 German TV shows are getting finally better. FINALLY. On Saturdays I can watch all of my nerdy Fantasy stuff and during the week  Fashion Hero and The Voice. Autumn makes everything better. Even German TV where commercials are way more interesting than a talk/reality show.
My English course started and I got sick. I'm such a lucky kid. But my friends said that the teacher is nice and we have to speak English all the time. perfect :)
I'm excited for next week.....
I'm so interested in languages now that I want to read more books to get some Latin skills...
( what a boring sentence....oh my god sometimes I'm surprised that I'm such a nerd.....scary...)
I think my Harry Potter brain could be helpful then.....
The weirdest thing at the moment is my obsession with the 90's.
At school I'm jumping and dancing around to old hip hop music, I watched the dinosaurs again ( a sitcom ....1991-94) and I made a 90's board on pinterest.
Coolio ( gangster's paradise ), the Peppers, Radiohead, Nirvana, Bloodhound gang, Girl bands and Boy bands......The years lived in the 90's were the best 2 years of my life. :)
And finally the whole huge amount of teenage problems crashed into my boring life.
It seems like everyone is in love right now and some with ( excuse me) the biggest jerks on earth.
Boys are topic number one now and it's sooo crazy...You can't walk to the next room without meeting a guy who reminds you of one of your best friends because he's or was one of her crushes.
I started makes lists of pros and cons for everything... I couldn't handle my life without them.
On Tuesday I made a BIG step outside my comfort zone.
I went to a Family afternoon with my grandma, what sounds really nice but I haven't made good experiences ...I usually feel awkward and uncomfortable ....
BUT it was amazing! I met some new and old family members. Some of them I haven't seen for ages. We talked about everything and had a lovely time.
Don't want to think about what happened if I canceled this afternoon...
Hope you liked this kind of more personal post. Please let me know if you enjoyed this weird stuff of my life....I would love to write something like this again :)
Here are my latest favourite songs:
- Lena xx



  1. Love this post! I don't even know where to begin! You seem so lovely!