Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Eve + presents 2013

First:Sorry for the bad pictures....
Christmas Eve was as nice as always :)
My mum made amazing cakes and an amazing dinner. (Thanks for that!)
We had an German-Polish dinner because my aunt is from Poland and I have to admit:
I love Polish food.

Before I'll go on with my presents, isn't this the cutest Thing ever? :)))

As you might have noticed: In Germany we get our presents on Christmas Eve.
( usually between 4 and 5 p.m.)
This year my mum came in with all our presents in a huge basket.
Years ago Santa himself visited us to bring all of the presents and we had to sing or recite a poem for him. But later we found out that he was wearing the same shoes as grandpa...
What a coincidence!

And here are our presents:
1. from: me
for:my sister
One Direction Album - Midnight Memories (the ultimate edition)

2. from: my sister
for: me
Little Mix album- Salute (deluxe version)
3. from: my mother
for: my sister
Owl Accessories

4. from: my parents
for: my sister
Heroes of the Olympus ( which I'll read first ;) )
Legend of the Guardians

5. from: my sister's friend
for: me
bebe Young care
apres shave body lotion
Deo spray
shower gel

6. from: my parents
for: my sister
Grown Ups 2
Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters

7. ( my new love *-*)
from: my parents
for: me
Roses de Chloe´
Eau de Parfum

8. from: my parents
for: me
a ZARA bag :)))))))))
(a huge shopper)
9. from: my parents
for: both of us
A self made coupon for a concert.
Oh and I know too well which concert they mean....
that's it.
- Lena xx


  1. Looks like you got some amazing presents! I love the owl accessories your sister got! And so jealous you're going to see Bastille. Glad to see you had a lovely Christmas :) xxx

    1. she has an owls-addiction :))
      Yeah I'm so excited for Bastille...I can't believe it

      -Lena xx