Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas updates

Hey everyone!
Tomorrow is the 24th December what means tomorrow is presents day for German children :)))).
But I don't want to say too much....I'll show you some photos after the celebrations ;)
The weather is awful this Christmas :(
It's warm outside, no snow and it may be rainy tomorrow.....
But it's still the best time of the year.
I've got a Yankee candles advent calendar with 6 different scents:
 Snow in love
Balsam & Cedar
Merry marshmallow
Red apple wreath
Snowflake cookie (my favourite)
Sparkling cinnamon
This selfmade mini-Christmas-tree is so easy! My mum used some pine branches, a ribbon, a flowerpot and some plug-mass.
Favourite Christmas CD:
definitely: Michael Buble´-Christmas
My favourite Songs:
And I finally got Baby lips lip balm!!!
( Hydrate and Cherry me)
I'm absolutely in love with them and my lips are way softer and smoother now!
Thanks to the lovely Roksana who went to the drugstore and bought them just for me :)
These are my new life savers:
Touchscreen gloves.
Now I can use my smartphone without taking my warm gloves off.
And seriously these are the warmest and cosiest ones I've ever had.
This is a product sample of Dolce & Gabbana`s The One.
We ordered my Christmas present ( which I'll show you tomorrow ;) ) and they send this for free.
It smells absolutely amazing ( oriental/flowery scent). So sophisticated and classic.
If you're still looking for a present then go for it!
I had to change something because every winter I used to wear my beanies or nothing on top of my head. But this year I want to try something girly....So I bought this knitted headband by H&M.
We'll see if this is a good idea.......or not....
I'm not sure about my Christmas outfit for tomorrow.....I think I'll go for my favourite blouse or should I wear one of these:
Shirt by H&M
with a plaid pattern and christmassy colours

Christmas Jumper by H&M
with a lovely snowflakes and hearts pattern
- Lena xx


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