Monday, 30 December 2013

Goodbye 2013

Here I am....listening to Nina Nesbitt songs  and wondering how fast the year has gone by..
2 days until it happened sooooo much this year..

Too much? no. 

Maybe all these changes and experiences were necessary.
Though the year brought bad things and the saddest moments. I grew with them and I regret nothing.
I lost my best friend....our fight don't talk to each other ....since May.
I miss her even if I know that she doesn't miss me...
I doubt that she'll ever see this but if you're reading this blog post then please remember all the good things that happened and I want to thank you for being the friend I ever had.
I wish you the best and hope you're allright.
I've your reading this then please let me know you did.....A tiny number or letter.....a B ....and I'll be reassured....
This year I lost some important people and I can't write about that hurts too much.
Looking back I would say I'm a new and a wiser Person now. I found my style, my way of life and I'm so glad that everything seems clearer now.
The most important thing is: I'm planning my future now and my new plans and hopes are way easier and better than before. Seeing what matters and how to use all my skills and abilities for managing my life have become clear to me.

First thing that made me happy this year:

Starting this blog.
Ok and that's a loooong story. It all styrts with Youtube. More precisely: with Jack and Finn's videos.
Then I discovered other youtubers like Zoe, Louise, Louis Cole,his sister Darcy,Tyler, Joe,Marcus,Alfie,Lily Pebbles,Vivianna, Fleur,Bethany Mota, and much more! :)
I love them and I can't miss any videos, it's like an addiction.
Can't believe it went so fast....I met Beth on Twitter who wanted to start a blog too...
It's simply mind-blowing ! After all the depressing stuff I've been through
THIS brought so much light and hope in my life that I don't even know how and how often I need to thank you :'))
Late night chats on Twitter.....helpful advices........lovely friends......inspiration....OVERWHELMING.
Blogging opened the dor for a whole new world.
I got help in every Situation and part of my life!
Thank you for every single comment. Even if it's just a word but believe me: it made my day.
Thanks to Lucy for the inspiration and help.
Now I know what I want to study and you can't believe how relieved I am now....
Thank you so much! I love your blog and your YouTube channel and I'm so proud that I got to know you ( is this right? please let me know in the comments if there are any misspellins :D)
Rosie thank you so much for your lovely emails and the interview! :)
You have become one of my idols.
Your YouTube videos are so lovely and I'm excited for 2014 :)))
Greetings to you, Jason and Teddy!
And thousand hugs to Harriet for being so nice and lovely :)
Best wishes for 2014!
Second thing that made me happy this year:
The South England/London trip.
( Dover, Canterbury,Camber, Brighton, London, Windsor Castle, Hastings)
Thanks Julia. Thank you so much for letting this dream come true.
I can't tell how thankful I am....When I first stepped outside this bus....onto British ground....It may sounds ridiculous but I thought I'd cry :)  ( luckily , I didn't)

The Krakow class trip.
a sad, thoughtful and respectfull experience.

The One Direction Concert.
O2 Berlin.
What a crazy and exciting and hysterical day :D
Can't believe I was there


Goodbye 2013!
I'm sad and glad that it's over now.

- Lena xx


  1. I love seeing all of your pictures from England!! I had the opportunity to visit London and Bath a few years back and seeing your pictures makes me want to visit again!

  2. Love these photos!! I've always wanted to go there!