Friday, 27 December 2013

Style check

My taste in fashion is always the same.
I add some items or wear something new when I'm in the mood but all in all I would say that I'm following my old structure.
There are some things I want to try and push myself to buy in 2014.


I love the connection of denim and stripes and I'll definitely buy myself some striped basic shirts.


I loooove maxi skirts...loose and thick ones.

chelsea boots.

denim outfit

I need to buy tons of snuggly jumpers

oversized and warm cardigans

looooooong scarves

lace dresses

thick shorts

a lovely woolrich jacket

a parka for rainy days

a big step for me: boyfriend jeans


retro sunglasses

watches by Olivia Burton and Kate Spade

strong leather sandals

I'll try to complete this whole shopping list.
I'm optimistic because it's supposed that...

Lena ♡

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