Sunday, 31 August 2014

The update of an update

I thought it would be so nice of me (it's good for your own health to make people happy! always remember...) to share some of my recent obsessions and ( omg BBC R1 is playing Drunk in love by I'm grooving and singing while writing this....just wanted to let you know) adventures with you. (OMG!! now they're playing LET IT GO! this Radio is going to kill me...seriously...)
But I have to mention:
I'll keep this post as short as possible so that I can explain everything later....and seperated.

I'm such a bookworm( does this word exist? I mean as an English word?) at the moment! At the moment I'm reading Heroes of the Olympus by Rick Riordan ( Picture below). It's so frustrating because I want to read more and more and haven't got time for that! My books collection will grow rapidly up now...

How can someone be soooooo amazing??! I love her sooo much at the moment and I just can't find the words and don't know where to start explaining so I'll stop here.

My new favourite app.You can share your favourite books, write reviews,rate for the books you know and collect them in your own 'book shelf'.

This year will be the most stressful :/ I'm already so exhausted.....But always remeber: it's necessary.
What about my own experiences and school life-savers?( would make a cool post...)

Everyday I have my date with a hot cup of chai latte. It smells like Christmas ...( and I'm feeling like I need one right now..)

Haven't seen it yet. But recognized that this films is following me since January ......Imagine a musical version of Frozen! ( with me as Anna and Carrie as Elsa....How amazing would that be?? Oh and Jon Cozart would be in it too.....of course)

All I have to say:
-Lily Pebbles
-Vivianna does Makeup
-Jon Cozart
-It's way past my bed time
( sooo sad that there isn't enough time to watch all of them daily )

Hannah Maggs has the cutest little baby boy ever...Go check them out on Youtube!

Thought Scream would be alreay brilliant but than came Iron Sky.....

Saw them at a concert in Berlin! Such a beautiful location and the sound of the drums was breathtaking!

I'm trying to stay fit..... ( trying is the best word..) and I found this Youtube channel 'Fitness blender' where you can watch workout videos with a lot of different types of Training for every fitness level and every kind of situation. I'll try to keep on ...

yep Jon Cozart again.After ever after won't go out of my's almost scary.

Thanks B. This song makes me sooooo emotional and I'm already scared that someone would come to the idea of singing this at our traditional Christmas Show at School.....Pray with me guys...

this is the end.....I cried, my sister cried, and I HATE the end :| .....The only Thing that calms me is the fact that Lily and Marsh-mallow are still together and Marvin,Daisy and the 3rd child are okay.

Loving deep reds at the moment.....usually I wouldn't wear polish at all. So this is going to be a bit more lady-like

My recent achievements:

Mumford and sons Vinyl
(Babel is one of me favs right now)

Georg auf Lieder - Alexanderplatz

John Green- Paper Towns

J.D. Salinger- The Catcher in the Rye
Made this Fanshirt on my own....but I'm not really satisfied with the result..
( Textil markers by IKEA)
This is my new Notebook of thoughts and future plans.
It hasn't got a name yet.
Let me know what you would write at the front page :)

I enjoyed doodling the first picture as a summary.
What do you think about this way of beginning a post?

Have a nice and lovely week!

- Lena xx

Monday, 30 June 2014

Evening Talk

Hello best friends!

You might have been wondering why nothing's happening here and how could someone be so lazy...
( But it's the truth: I'm lazy and at the same time very busy....doesn't make any sense but whatever...)
(And believe me: I was out of control! Tumblr is the culprit.)
I think, I stress myself too much. The best thing would be if I choose one day of the week ( let's say Sunday) and then I'll just talk to you. I'm not a Beauty Blogger, I reduced my daily make up to Mascara, lip balm and eye brow pencil because it's summer time, my skin is getting better and better and no one will see me in my little sleepy boring village on holidays, so: Who cares :)
This blog helps me to sort out my thoughts and plans and keeps me thinking about different topics and the best advantage: I can train my English here, so I shouldn't even think about giving up.
It`s pathetic that I'm saying this right now...This blog isn't an active one and it'll be much more difficult finding time to write something next year. All I can say is: I'll try. And I hope that nevertheless I can read some of your lovely comments, because seriously, each time they make my day. ( Thanks at this point :)  )


Patience is key.

If you want to know what's going on and if there are any new obsessions:

Wool and the gang

One day ( maybe next year...) I'll join the WATG gang.Therefore I really need to practice knitting in summer holidays. I think it's amazing how this label is motivating young people, it's so catching and shows: Knitting isn't just for grandmothers and it's obviously not old-fashioned.

World Cup 2014

I'm a huge Soccer fan!!!! I'm watching almost every single game with my dad and my sister. Of course: Germany is the ultimate winner(- no doubt). I'm proud what an Insider I am and I think it's no Problem for my dad having two daughters because we're all soccer-mad. Maybe, we'll watch the final match in Berlin but who knows if we'd ever find a way out of this enormous crowd :$


Last Friday I discoveredthe trailer of Fury and since then I'm so eager to watch this.This film will be out in November/December and it's about the last month of the second world war and (omg) there are sooo many popular actors included. The main reason is (or better: are): Logan Lerman and Xavier Samuel .I won't explain much more...otherwise I'll have my fan-girl-attack.( and nobody wants to read about that)

Shorter hair

I did it. My hair is a lot shorter now and I regret nothing. I'm sooo happy ( never believed how much influence your hairstyle has on your daily mood)!I'm feeling free and cool and finale I can say: that's me.( and what could be better than that?) For more information or if you want to know how this exactly looks ask in the comments below and maybe I'll do a whole post about it and my hair care change :)

Keeping up with the Kardashians

Please don't ask. I love this show and I always find myself getting excited and girly ( Mean-Girls- style :'D) while watching it .I even got an american slang in my English classes..........................


Jon Cozart is my Youtube crush at the moment.Seriously, the way he's acting, talking and ,of course ,singing .....and then his topics: Disney.....Lord of the rings....HARRY POTTER!!
Jon, if you're reading this (hilarious...he would never do that ):
One day we have to go to a coffee shop,cafe,restaurant,pizzeria or whatever and after that we'll sing together ok? ( Don't think this is a date but if you really want to it would be fine...)


I love this film though I never watched it. ( if the fact that I'm actually still watching Disney movies isn't weird enough) At first one of the reasons is of course: LET IT GOOOOOOO, LET IT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ( yep and I'm actually singing this while typing it), but the idea of the love of two sister is saving the kingdom instead of the good old romance is fantastic.

Family Blogs/vlogs

LoveTaza and the Saccone-Jolys set an obsession free inside of me.  Some might find it weird that for me the future is more interesting than the present but I don't care.The Saccone-Jolysare my daily evening- ritual und I'm sure they're my discovery of 2014. Emilia and Eduardo are soooo cute and one can learn a lot of things. Taza has one of the best blogs ever. Eleanore and Samson are so extremly cute that I can't resist but watching some of their Videos twice or 1000000000 times...Baby number 3 will arrive in December and I know that then this whole thing will reach a new dimension fangirling. I'm fascinated by all these little daily and simple things and how quick the children grow up.

Ok, that's it for today. I'm off for the match :OO
( fingers crossed we'll win)
See ya'll soon :)

- Lena Xx

Monday, 14 April 2014


I have to admit: I have no clue what my future looks like ! 
I realised how quick everything can change and you can't guarantee for anything.

Some month ago I was pretty sure: I want to become a journaliste.
Now this has changed a little into:

I want to become a teacher.
( the teenage mind- an absolute mess.)

My dream is to discover new beautiful cities and so many different places.
The first step into the future is to say YES more often.
Do something for yourself, protect what you love and fight for your dreams.
That's what everyone's saying but shows that it has to be right then.

Fashion, art, music and beauty will follow me everywhere I'll go.
I hope that I'll be able to discover some new versions of me and that I'll try out things I wouldn't have done before ( only beauty and fashion wise! I'm not a risky person :$)


BEST KEPT SECRET…. | Wit & Delight

All that I want is that my friends stay with me. I know that they'll all go their different ways and some of them ( or maybe I'll be the only one) will move far far away...
But real friends will be there forever. You're never going to lose them.
Mostly because of my huge to-do-list with loads of crazy and wonderful things we have to do.



I’ve always wanted a rooftop meal. This looks so marvelous.


- Lena xx

Hey pals!

You can't imagine how much everything has changed in my's crazy!
I now understand why people say life is kind of an unknown rollercoaster...

I'm also not sure about blogging anymore ....
Should I let it be and start something new?
Should I keep going on?

I think if you're wondering about the tiniest little doubts forcing yourself would be the worst decision.

Besides tumblr keeps me busy all the time .... I'm sooooo obsessed because everything's on a more private level there.
But I can't allow letting you down.
I'm still here for you though I'll change my attitude towards blogging a little. :)

You may have noticed that there's still a post missing:
the LATER post.

I'll work on this now and I hope you'll enjoy the following posts :)

Get started.

- Lena xx

Monday, 17 February 2014

Made in Canada

I'm in love with natural and simple jewellery.
Especially crystals and necklaces with wooden beads stole my heart.

Lately I was searching for new shops on Etsy when I encountered Melanie Trottiers shop:

melanie laurene

She sells jewellery and knitted goods made in Canada.
Little imperfections and natural materials are responsible for the adorable handmade and unique look. Each piece is an eye-catcher, even though they are made so simple and plain.

I'm sorry Melanie but I can't help, I just need to put your own words in here because they're so thoughtful and lovely:

" "We were created to create"
i create (and blog) as a creative oulet as well as a means of focusing my energy on living a life filled with love. 2013 has been the craziest, most life-changing year for this little miss. in some ways, good, in some ways, not so good. but in the midst of the chaos, i have reconnected with my creative side as a focus. i opened my shop in July 2013 and it's been an amazing journey so far; gathering inspiration, designing & creating. join me on my creative journey & browse my shop. i focus on crystal jewellery as crystals hold a special place in my heart. i believe in believing in something bigger & better in life, and crystals are the perfect outlet. i love browsing, touching, feeling, and purchasing crystals. i hope that through my etsy shop, i can ignite YOUR love of crystals. i also have a passion for knitting. i think i'm an old soul as i share many of the same interests as my 80 year old grandmother"

- Melanie Trottier

The LILY necklace

ARROW Silver Necklace // large silver arrow charm on a long silver chain

ARROW silver necklace

KNOT Knit Headband in Heather Grey // cozy hand knit headband with a knot in heather grey

KNOT knit headband in heather grey

GEOMETRIC magnets set

TIBETAN QUARTZ crystal earrings

Ohrringe GOLD-Dreieck / / hypoallergen kleine goldene Dreieck Ohrringe

earrings GOLD-Triangle

CLEAR QUARTZ point keychain

Holz-CHEVRON Halskette / / natürliche Holz Chevron Charme auf eine lange Messingkette

Wood-CHEVRON necklace

blue KYANIT spike necklace

For more Information:

Her instagram: melanielaurene

Let me know what you think about her shop, if you're interested in some pieces or if you know a similar/ another fantastic shop, in the comments below :)

- Lena Xx

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Round 16

"The 16th will be the best year of your life!"
Oh I hope so :)

Everytime I start to write after a blogging break it seems like the last time was years ago and my taste in fashion and beauty , even my personal life changed completely.

So this post is kind of an update and a preview.

I had a tiny "life change"...
"New" friends ( just people I have known for a long time but never hung out with them), trouble, a little bit more self-confidence and future plans.

So this is going on right now:

  1. The Carrie diaries - I'm so in love with this series! Carrie Bradshaw is amazing! Fashion, journalism, men and the City, what more could you want?

  2. Online Shops with self-made necklaces and earrings.

  3. Record Players/ Turntables ( which one is the right word? :$ let me know in the comments below!)

  4. I'm walking with crutches right now....long story :) ( but don't worry! everything's fine)

  5. Can't wait for spring! my resolution: bold colours

  6. I'm searching for the perfect Chelsea boots, rain parka, wool coat

  7. Knitting ( it isn't old-fashioned! I'm impressed how futuristic this can be!)

  8. Tumblr Obsession

  9. started to draw and sketch again ( rediscovered how enjoyable it is) 

  10. Feeling creative right now......really need the redecorate my room 
amores perros

- Lena xx