Monday, 17 February 2014

Made in Canada

I'm in love with natural and simple jewellery.
Especially crystals and necklaces with wooden beads stole my heart.

Lately I was searching for new shops on Etsy when I encountered Melanie Trottiers shop:

melanie laurene

She sells jewellery and knitted goods made in Canada.
Little imperfections and natural materials are responsible for the adorable handmade and unique look. Each piece is an eye-catcher, even though they are made so simple and plain.

I'm sorry Melanie but I can't help, I just need to put your own words in here because they're so thoughtful and lovely:

" "We were created to create"
i create (and blog) as a creative oulet as well as a means of focusing my energy on living a life filled with love. 2013 has been the craziest, most life-changing year for this little miss. in some ways, good, in some ways, not so good. but in the midst of the chaos, i have reconnected with my creative side as a focus. i opened my shop in July 2013 and it's been an amazing journey so far; gathering inspiration, designing & creating. join me on my creative journey & browse my shop. i focus on crystal jewellery as crystals hold a special place in my heart. i believe in believing in something bigger & better in life, and crystals are the perfect outlet. i love browsing, touching, feeling, and purchasing crystals. i hope that through my etsy shop, i can ignite YOUR love of crystals. i also have a passion for knitting. i think i'm an old soul as i share many of the same interests as my 80 year old grandmother"

- Melanie Trottier

The LILY necklace

ARROW Silver Necklace // large silver arrow charm on a long silver chain

ARROW silver necklace

KNOT Knit Headband in Heather Grey // cozy hand knit headband with a knot in heather grey

KNOT knit headband in heather grey

GEOMETRIC magnets set

TIBETAN QUARTZ crystal earrings

Ohrringe GOLD-Dreieck / / hypoallergen kleine goldene Dreieck Ohrringe

earrings GOLD-Triangle

CLEAR QUARTZ point keychain

Holz-CHEVRON Halskette / / natürliche Holz Chevron Charme auf eine lange Messingkette

Wood-CHEVRON necklace

blue KYANIT spike necklace

For more Information:

Her instagram: melanielaurene

Let me know what you think about her shop, if you're interested in some pieces or if you know a similar/ another fantastic shop, in the comments below :)

- Lena Xx

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Round 16

"The 16th will be the best year of your life!"
Oh I hope so :)

Everytime I start to write after a blogging break it seems like the last time was years ago and my taste in fashion and beauty , even my personal life changed completely.

So this post is kind of an update and a preview.

I had a tiny "life change"...
"New" friends ( just people I have known for a long time but never hung out with them), trouble, a little bit more self-confidence and future plans.

So this is going on right now:

  1. The Carrie diaries - I'm so in love with this series! Carrie Bradshaw is amazing! Fashion, journalism, men and the City, what more could you want?

  2. Online Shops with self-made necklaces and earrings.

  3. Record Players/ Turntables ( which one is the right word? :$ let me know in the comments below!)

  4. I'm walking with crutches right now....long story :) ( but don't worry! everything's fine)

  5. Can't wait for spring! my resolution: bold colours

  6. I'm searching for the perfect Chelsea boots, rain parka, wool coat

  7. Knitting ( it isn't old-fashioned! I'm impressed how futuristic this can be!)

  8. Tumblr Obsession

  9. started to draw and sketch again ( rediscovered how enjoyable it is) 

  10. Feeling creative right now......really need the redecorate my room 
amores perros

- Lena xx