Monday, 14 April 2014

Hey pals!

You can't imagine how much everything has changed in my's crazy!
I now understand why people say life is kind of an unknown rollercoaster...

I'm also not sure about blogging anymore ....
Should I let it be and start something new?
Should I keep going on?

I think if you're wondering about the tiniest little doubts forcing yourself would be the worst decision.

Besides tumblr keeps me busy all the time .... I'm sooooo obsessed because everything's on a more private level there.
But I can't allow letting you down.
I'm still here for you though I'll change my attitude towards blogging a little. :)

You may have noticed that there's still a post missing:
the LATER post.

I'll work on this now and I hope you'll enjoy the following posts :)

Get started.

- Lena xx

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