Monday, 14 April 2014


I have to admit: I have no clue what my future looks like ! 
I realised how quick everything can change and you can't guarantee for anything.

Some month ago I was pretty sure: I want to become a journaliste.
Now this has changed a little into:

I want to become a teacher.
( the teenage mind- an absolute mess.)

My dream is to discover new beautiful cities and so many different places.
The first step into the future is to say YES more often.
Do something for yourself, protect what you love and fight for your dreams.
That's what everyone's saying but shows that it has to be right then.

Fashion, art, music and beauty will follow me everywhere I'll go.
I hope that I'll be able to discover some new versions of me and that I'll try out things I wouldn't have done before ( only beauty and fashion wise! I'm not a risky person :$)


BEST KEPT SECRET…. | Wit & Delight

All that I want is that my friends stay with me. I know that they'll all go their different ways and some of them ( or maybe I'll be the only one) will move far far away...
But real friends will be there forever. You're never going to lose them.
Mostly because of my huge to-do-list with loads of crazy and wonderful things we have to do.



I’ve always wanted a rooftop meal. This looks so marvelous.


- Lena xx

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  1. Love this little post, all I have to say is go do everything you want to. Don't let fear, money or people telling you not to get in your way